The Last Dip…

From a year in Stockholm I have tonnes of colourful memories. Here's one that is particularly poignant and everything it holds. It's morning. I'm heavy. I'm light. The clouds are heavy yet the light, it's light. The rain is falling regularly, like a solid drum beat you can't help dancing too. I'm packed to leave.… Continue reading The Last Dip…


What the Health?!

What is Mental Health? What do you think about when you think of these words? Mental Health is defined as our emotional, psychological and social wellbeing by government mental health. They also highlight that this impacts how we think, interact and behave. Wellbeing is defined in the dictionary as how healthy and content we feel. In otherwords, mental… Continue reading What the Health?!

What if?

What if the cultural, political and organisational landscapes around us are representations of our individual internal and social landscape? And what if we were willing to admit that the ugly and negative tendencies we protest against are infact in ourselves? Like I read about the Tory leaders and get agitated and angry, what is that… Continue reading What if?