What if?

What if the cultural, political and organisational landscapes around us are representations of our individual internal and social landscape? And what if we were willing to admit that the ugly and negative tendencies we protest against are infact in ourselves? Like I read about the Tory leaders and get agitated and angry, what is that… Continue reading What if?


Why Camping is Epic…

    Camping. A family tradition I will not miss out on for the world. Last Monday night we tried to pitch the tent in a rather epic wind. The whole tent blew away into the fence leaving a nice big bruise down my leg, a night in a youth hostel, and me contemplating why… Continue reading Why Camping is Epic…

Awe as Absolute

Hairs on end We stand under mountains, behind rivers we could cross. We stand under people, behind words that want to stay silent. Trying to grasp the largeness of it all, instead of mastering the largeness inside us. This largeness an absolute.