Unrealistic Expectations.

Unrealistic expectations prevent you from enjoying the present wonder of being alive. I reckon a lot of life is unlearning and removing negative conditions, habits, societal norms, and instead using energy to explore, discover and learn those that serve you. In school, if we expect straight lines and silence, what are we teaching our children […]

Why Emotions Matter.

Observing students in class today, one thing was super cool to witness. The diversity in responses, actions, reactions, impulses, quirks and all the other behaviours that makes each of them so unique was literally awe inspiring. Their responses to a problem solving task in Science varied wildly. But they all met the opportunity with enthusiasm […]

5 Reasons to Write….

Discussion. Social media is an echo chamber. You shout something to the world and get your own voice back. It’s not connection. It’s reaction. Without discussion, disagreement and different views…… take a look at history for that one. How open we each are to discussion is probably a sign of how much conscious self responsibility […]

The Pareto Problemo

It might be true that 20% of causes create 80% of the impact. I.e 20% of the work creates 80% of the results. This is called the Pareto Principle. So for example, in a work team of 100, 20 do most of the work, in your wardrobe you were 20% of all your clothes, 80% […]